Arc Math works to build a conceptual foundation and holistic problem-solving skills in children.

We are dedicated to the success of Schools and Teachers in the delivery of the finest mathematics content. It was founded in April 2017 by a group of educators with a vision of creating a culture of Mathematics Education in which children explore the why behind the how. 

Mathematics gives a way of thinking, analyzing, and creating something, and ultimately solving problems. It is one of the most fantastic tools or systems ever developed to help us solve complex problems. At the same time, we realize that one requires many more skills alongside mathematics to be a great problem solver. We call these problem-solving skills.

Recent times have brought a lot of noise in the market about Mathematics Education. Before asking how to teach Math, each individual should answer why to teach Math? Why is the whole world racing for good marks in mathematics? Why has it become a status symbol?

When we started this company, we were inspired by what science and mathematics have done for the human race. We admired these scientists and mathematicians who work like crazy; so much delved into the thought of ideas that changed the world. The world needs more of these groundbreaking ideas and inspired people.

Arc Math is at the core of building people to be the problem-solvers, inventors, and tomorrow leaders. People who will learn new things, question themselves and society, even develop a whole new world-view to solve the problem. We must hold to our core values as we grow as a company.